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Star: Idaho 44 traffic pattern to permanently change April 24

At the city’s request for safety and traffic movement, Idaho Transportation Department will change the traffic pattern on a short section of Idaho 44 that runs through town from two lanes each way to one lane each way with a center turn lane.

A contractor will obliterate the old lane markers from Star Road to Seneca Springs, a distance of about eight-tenths of a mile, on April 23. ITD crews will re-stripe the roadway in the new configuration the following day.

See a map of the location.

The city requested the change due to safety concerns. With the two-lane pattern, motorists are driving faster than the posted 25 mph as they race to get to the front of the traffic line before the roadway narrows from two lanes to one.

“We believe this will create a good balance between pedestrian safety and vehicle flow,” said Star Mayor Nathan Mitchell.

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