Some campgrounds opening earlier

Ten MilePhoto: Ten Mile Campground last summer – Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

2013 Campground/Cabin Opening Dates

Here’s a list of campground and other recreation site opening dates we got from the Boise National Forest on Wednesday. It looks like it might be an early camping season because of the lack of snow at mid-elevations.

April 18 –  Third Fork Cabin (near Ola).

May 3 –   Hot Springs (near Garden valley),  Tie Creek, Silver Creek Campground, including Lodgepole Springs group site  (may open prior to May 3. Best to call Silver Creek Plunge directly at: 208.739.3400)

May 10 –  Hardscrable, Rattlesnake, Trail Creek, Boiling Springs, all along M.F. Payette River.

May 17 –  Sagehen Reservoir area.  Antelope and boat ramp, Antelope Annex, Cartwright Ridge, Sagehen Dam, Picnic Area, Sagehen Creek and boat ramp, Eastside, Hollywood. Depending on whether access to Sage Hen Complex is open. If not May 17, then Thursday, May 23

May 24 –  Big Eddy, Canyon, Cold Springs, Swinging Bridge, all along N.F. Payette;  Boiling Springs Cabin and   Peace Valley Group Campground, along M.F. Payette.

June 28 –  Deadwood Lookout.

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