Watch for rock slides and washouts on back roads

mountainThe winds kicked up and the sleet whipped sideways across the ridges as a storm blew in across the Boise Mountains Monday.

You never know what you’re going to get when hunting in the mountains of Idaho this time of the year.

The temperature dropped down to two wool layers, plus polypro long johns, hunting pants and gloves.

Another thing I noticed was that after the heavy rains over the weekend, moisture in the soil caused rocks to roll off hillsides and on to back roads. I had to get out a couple of times to move rocks while exploring some forest roads northeast of Idaho City. On some of the more narrow roads, I noticed that the road shoulders were pretty soft, too.

So, if you’re driving in the high country this week, be careful of rock slides and washouts.

Another surprise was high-flowing creeks in the high country. Also, Mores Creek was running dark-roast espresso Monday. It really came up after the rains.

The photo here is of the Pilot Peak area northeast of Idaho City on Monday after the clouds part for a few hours.

As I hiked a few ridgelines for grouse I noticed snow on the mountains toward the Trinities and Sawtooths.

It’s definitely that time of the year to keep an eye out on the weather and be prepared for frosty temperatures.

Good hunting.

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