Snow’s getting old

snowshoe snowThe snow’s getting old in the high country.

We were up snowshoeing at the Gold Fork Park N’ Ski area last weekend and trails were rock hard.

In fact, those coming out of the yurts were walking on the packed trails and carrying their snowshoes.

We tried to ski the tracks but they were so hard and icy it turned into a bobsled run on skis on the downhill sections. There was no stopping on the downhill runs.

The best skiing and snowshoeing is off trail where the snow is slightly crusty.

We need fresh snow on our trails.

It looks like we might be getting some snow today (Feb. 13) and tomorrow. It’s a slight chance in places but any snow will help.

I was surprised at the snow depths at Mores Creek Summit. The gauge showed only 3 feetĀ  and in past years it has been doubled that.

Photos of the Gold Fork parking area and trails by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

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