Snowmobile update for the weekend

Snomo pow
Photo by Roger Phillips
With storms hitting the mountains, snowmobilers will be heading into to hills to carve the powder. Crews will be working to clear parking lots and groom trails. Even with more snow, the snowpack is still too sparse for the groomers to operate in some areas, but it will add more avalanche danger in the high country.

“Snow does not like change,” said Todd Wernex of Idaho State Parks and Recreation. “Keep that in mind when going into avalanche terrain.
Remember when traveling in avalanche terrain go one at a time across avalanche prone slopes.”

With possible heavy snow there is also great concern with these next storms sitting on top of ice and hoar frost, he said. Wind slabs are also a concern with the unstable snow pack. Wernex recommends snowmobilers carry proper gear: avalanche pack, probe, beacon and shovel and know how to use them.

Here are some updates for snowmobilers:
Idaho City area is getting trail grooming. Mores creek is going to be questionable depending on the avalanche danger. Whoop um up will be groomed. Idaho Transportation Department has been keeping up with the storms and plowing parking lots thus far.

McCall is grooming but limited to Warren Wagon Road and the High Elevation Parking lot near Brundage Mountain Resort.

Cascade has been groomed, but questionable depending on the snow

Smith Ferry has not been groomed this year and is waiting on more snow. They will start grooming if they get enough out of these next storms

Garden Valley has not groomed yet. Not enough snow

Pine/Featherville (Trinities) Minimal grooming up higher. Need more snow to groom again.

Sun Valley has not groomed yet. Not enough snow

Fairfield has not groomed yet. Not enough snow

Twin Falls has not groomed yet. Not enough snow

There are still free avalanche classes available through Parks and Rec.
For avalanche class options go to HERE.

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