Snake River is gusty, and now I can replace a shear pin

I took my recently acquired skiff out for its maiden voyage on the Snake River. Let’s see, a 35-year old motor, wind, murky water and me at the tiller. What could possibly go wrong? How about hitting a rock with the prop and breaking the shear pin? The good news is I had a spare shear pin. The bad news is I realized after all the years I’ve spent buzzing around in boats with outboard motors, I’ve never actually had to replace one.

Fortunately, the former owner was heading to the launch with his boat to meet us, so I did the paddle of shame across the Snake and drifted back to the boat ramp. To my credit, I was smart enough to go upstream in case something like that happened.

We anchored and fished several places on our way back to the boat ramp, but didn’t hook or land any bass. We replaced the shear pin and I called it a day. Dark clouds were looming on the horizon, and I felt like I had pushed my luck enough for one morning.

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