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Schmeagle Smash

On the menu: H.J. took Schmeagle to Smashburger for a cheeseburger and French fries.

Notable: Like all the other pitty’s rescued from Oneida County Schmeagle didn’t find the fries appetizing!

H.J. enjoyed lunch with Schmeagle on the covered patio at Smashburger. Schmeagle patiently waited for the food to arrive but once it did she was ready to eat! She tried to help herself to anything within reach while H.J. got her burger ready. She was curious about the slice of tomato and made some funny faces as she gave it a few licks but swiftly decided she didn’t want to eat it. Next up the fries she out right refused to eat one. It didn’t matter if it was plain, dipped in ketchup, or dipped in ranch she decided quickly that she wasn’t a fan. The burger was a whole other story she happily wolfed it down but the last few bites she deconstructed it to get to the meat patty and she left the bun behind. She was happy to relax on the patio while H.J. finished his lunch.

After lunch H.J. took Schmeagle to Florence Neighborhood Park. After sniffing around a bit Schmeagle dropped to the grass to play with the pile of toys that H.J. brought. She couldn’t decide which toy she wanted first but she made sure to play with all of them. She spent most of her time at the park on her back with a toy in her mouth rolling around in the grass. Anyone who knows Schmeagle knows the way to her heart is a box full of toys. She was so content to sit under a tree with Jeff and her toys. She was quite amusing sometimes she would army crawl into frog leg position and then she’d flounder on her back again with all her legs in the air as if she was doing a happy dance on her back!

Click the links below to see video of Schmeagle:

Schmeagle in the park

Schmeagle Lovin

Schmeagle eating lunch with Hamburger Jeff

More about Schmeagle from the Idaho Humane Society:

Pit Bull Terrier-dark brown-spayed female- 2 years old.
Schmeagle is a beautiful chocolate brown female she is social and wiggly. She will carry stuffed toys around in her mouth and amuse herself tossing them in the air. Schmeagle had entropion surgery to correct a common eye problem in dogs. She is very food motivated and seems to be a quick learner. She has been good with other larger dogs at the shelter, she will do best in a home without small dogs or cats. Schmeagle is very food motivated which will make her a fast learner. Schmeagle is one of the pit bulls rescued from Oneida County. If you are possibly interested in adopting Schmeagle or any of the other Oneida dogs, please visit our website and fill out an adoption application. Please call Jenn at 208-866-1629 with any questions.


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