Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Small pitty with a BIG heart

On the menu Hamburger Jeff took Topaz to the Boise Fry Co. for a hamburger and French fries.

Prior to lunch Topaz had a play date with her friend Pete. They ran and wrestled and before long Topaz found a good stick to chew as she soaked up the sunshine. Topaz made herself comfortable in the backseat. In fact when she saw the door open to the truck she hurled her little 47 pound body in as if to say your not going anywhere without me! She eagerly watched out the window in anticipation of her destination. At the Boise Fry Co. She jumped right up on the bench next to Jeff and waited for lunch to be served. Her eyes got big as lunch was placed in front of her. She did this cute excitement wiggle dance. She enjoyed fry after fry barely stopping to savor the flavor. She was even more excited about the hamburger but she was happy to share it with her friend Pete.

After lunch they enjoyed a leisurely walk along the river, Topaz nicely greeted lots of people and dogs on the path. She wasn’t too interested in smelling all the vegetation like Pete she just wanted to forge ahead! She walked along side Pete and every now an then she would just give him a big ol’ kiss and then keep walking. When they stopped for a drink Topaz walked right in the river despite the chill in the air. After the 1.5 mile walk Topaz was tired but still ready to keep going. Before leaving Bown Crossing H.J. put Topaz in the truck and went into the candy store. Topaz took advantage of the opportunity to call shot gun and curled up in the front seat on his leather jacket.

Video of Topaz eating her french fries

Video of Topaz with Hamburger Jeff

More on Topaz from the Idaho Humane Society   Click here for more information on Topaz
Pitbull mix – Female – 5 yrs. – Tan/white – 47 lbs.

Topaz will melt your heart with her sweet face. She is playful, loving and friendly. Although she has high energy, she will settle down nicely after a good game of fetch and/or walk. She’s very affectionate but will need some training with her manners. Due to her energy level, a home with sturdy older children is recommended. She is okay with other dogs, but best with male dogs. She loves playing with her friend Tahoe. Like most pittys she’s very physical in her play style and loves to wrestle with her canine friends. She can be a bit vocal during play but is always appropriate. Let her live inside to become a happy and loving member of the family!

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

*Pete is NOT available for adoption, he has a loving home!

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