‘Shield of Faith’ combines history and spirituality

shieldoffaithShield of Faith-Cady Miller Series Vol. 1
by Danney Clark
Publisher: Borderline Publishing; 2013
258 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1937703004
$14.46/Paperback / $4.95/eBook

Publisher Synopsis: This is the on-going saga of a man chosen by God to lead men and follow His direction during perilous times. It is set in 1865 Idaho City, Idaho during our nation’s largest gold rush while our nation was at war with itself. “Cady, among others…, is an immortal and continues to walk on earth among us, doing the Lord’s will at prescribed times and places until Jesus returns. He appears without memory of the past and without knowledge of his own special place in God’s plan.” In book two, Shield of Faith, Cady is a 40 yr old miner and sometimes trapper located in the hills above Idaho City, Idaho, approx 1860.

My Take: I found “Shield of Faith” well-written and engrossing. The author did a good job of including historical details that added depth of the story. Mr. Clark’s faith was a strong part of the story and was woven into the fabric of the tale in an inviting manner.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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