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Shea will butter you up

On the menu: Hamburger Jeff took Shea to Big Bun for finger steaks and French fries

Shea was super excited to get in the car to go to lunch. Rarely will you find Shea without a tennis ball in her mouth so Jeff made sure she had one in the back seat. She was ready for lunch when it was delivered despite the distraction of 7 kids eating lunch across the way.

After lunch they made their way to Petsmart. Upon walking in the store she was drawn to the fish department. Something really intrigued her and she followed her nose all over the place. Lots of people greeted her when they saw her adopt me leash sleeve. She was happy to find the bin of kong squeaky tennis balls. Funny side note wherever we were in the store if she heard a squeaky toy she’d perk right up and tilt her head. Jeff took her to the Enhanced Adoption Center located in the back of Petsmart where she greeted IHS staff. She was intrigued by all the Chihuahuas playing in the play room. While perusing the isles she met a fan of the blog that also happens to own a bully. Shea was happy to shower her with kisses and she definitely turned on the charm! She was much too interested in the small pets such as the birds and the hamsters so were going to recommend a home with no small pets for Shea! She seemed to really take a liking to all the cat toys that involved feathers! On a whim we tried out a laser pointer to see if Shea would follow it and boy did she ever! She had people laughing in the isles watching her chase the red light!

Video’s of Shea: Shea in play groups     Shea eating lunch at Big Bun    Shea finds a sqeaky ball at Petsmart   Shea chases a laser pointer

Shea’s online profile from the Idaho Humane Society
Shea is a loving girl with loads of personality! She’s a cuddle bug that just wants to please. She takes treats nicely and seems to be willing to learn new commands. She could use obedience classes to help her learn and form a stronger bond with her family. She does well with dogs her size. She absolutely loves to play fetch with toys and will benefit from daily exercise. She needs to live indoors where she can be a part of the family. A home with children 8 years and older is recommended. Shea enjoys the company of nice easy going dogs. She avoids conflict and if a dog is being a bully she will try to get away. American Pit Bull Terrier – Brown/White – Female – 5 years – 55 pounds


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