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Sending out an SOS for Shady

As National Adopt a Senior Dog month comes to an end we can’t think of any dog more deserving of a home than Shady. You might remember Shady from a previous blog post from May 26th titled The sun is bright but Shady’s always cool.

Shady has been at the shelter for 6 months and staff and volunteers would like nothing more than to see him find a forever family. Recently Shady was featured on Ceasar Millans facebook page as part of the Cesar Millan Foundation’s Adopt Me Thursday dog available for adoption! Over 28,000 people saw that post but sadly Shady still sits at the shelter.

Before going to lunch Shady had the benefit of a play date with his good friends Pete and Rusty. Six months in a shelter can wear on a dog and canine friends are a form of enrichment. Pete and Rusty are previous shelter dogs that are now in loving homes. Shady loves to run zoomies with canine friends and he enjoys a good game of tug.

On the menu: Hamburger Jeff took Shady to Big Bun for a Cheeseburger and fries. Shady was extremely excited for lunch and was willing to do whatever it took to earn his grub. Shady offered behaviors such as sit, down, shake, speak and the list goes on. Every time he took a bite he did this little bunny hop of enthusiasm

After lunch H.J. took Shady to Petsmart to say hello to old friends at the Idaho Humane Society Enhanced Adoption Center. In the EAC he located a box full of tennis balls and he took a few minutes to find just the right ball. Shady had fun looking at all the toys and especially spent a long time sniffing the Christmas rawhide display. He was a good sport and was willing to model some Christmas fashions such as light up reindeer antlers, a Santa hat, and the favorite Mickey Mouse Ears. Shady got a lot of complements on his colorful sweater as he strolled through the store. Once they arrived back at the shelter Shady enjoyed a good game of fetch with his favorite tennis ball. This boy will fetch his heart out. He’s great about dropping the ball but watch out if you don’t throw the ball fast enough he will tell you all about it!

Video of Shady at Big Bun

Video Shady likes to eat

Video of Shady modeling a Santa Hat

Video of Shady wearing Mickey Mouse ears

Video Shady playing with friends

Shady’s write up from the Idaho Humane Society:  click here for more info

Don’t let Shady’s age fool you at almost 10years old this boy has plenty of spunk and will need daily walks. He plays well with other dogs in a neutral setting but wants his home to be his alone. He enjoys playing fetch and likes to jump right into a toy box! Shady will pull on the leash initially but walks nicely when asked to “heel.” He knows many commands such as sit, down, come, stay, and shake. He’s housetrained and loves to ride in the car. Shady has been in and out of the shelter system in the last few years and he longs to find that family that will make a lifelong commitment to love him. Anyone that meets Shady is quick to say, “why hasn’t he been adopted he’s such a great dog?” Due to his size and energy level, Shady would be better in a home with children 8 and older. Shady needs a cat free home. American Pit Bull Terrier Mix – Male – 9yrs. 10 mos. – 62 lbs.

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How You Can Help Shady: By sharing this blog you’re helping spread the word about a shelter dog in need of a home. You never know who might be able to adopt or who might feel inspired to give back by volunteering or fostering.

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