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Schmoodle 1. a term of endearment 2. often refers to a cutie 3. very adorable

Before going to lunch Schmoodle participated in doggy playgroups at the shelter. He quickly became friends with the girls, one named Halsey and another girl named Shea. They ran and ran together. Every now an then Halsey would give him a little body bump to let him know she was in control of the situation and Schmoodle was just fine with that!

On the menu: Hamburger Jeff took Schmoodle to Ben’s Crow Inn for a Hamburger and French fries.

After the order was placed Schmoodle made himself right at home and stretched out. He was curious about the other dog on the patio that barked at him but he didn’t bark back. Once the food was delivered Schmoodle started drooling. Big bubbles formed at the corner of his mouth and a pool of drool was forming on the bench below his chin. H.J. invited Schmoo to put his paws on the bench and Schmoo graciously accepted. He anxiously anticipated the first bite but exhibited extreme self control. Jeff fed him a few fries and Schmoodle had the gentlest mouth as he took each bite. Schmoodle is the type of dog that lives large and enjoys every minute of playing with other dogs or interacting with people. Some might refer to him as a “bull in a china shop,” but when he takes treats he doesn’t let his enthusiasm get in the way of being gentle. H.J. discovered that Schmoodle is quite sophisticated and will happily eat with a fork. He didn’t seem to think the fork was weird and he was just as gentle. When it was time to leave Schmoodle made a run for the screen door and pushed it open. I’m certain he was trying to find his way to the kitchen to kiss the cook!

After lunch H.J. took Schmoodle to Lucky Peak for a walk on the trail. Schmoodle was curious about his new environment but walked nicely on a leash and was happy to pose for some pictures. On the way back to the shelter Schmoo Moo curled up in the seat and went right to sleep.

Shea playing keep away with Schmoodle

Schmoodle running with Halsey

Schmoodle so sweet and Luv-A-Bull

Schmoodle enjoying lunch with Hamburger Jeff

From the Idaho Humane Society Click here for more on Schmoodle
This big goofy boy is available for adoption. He needs an owner that will be committed to training and continued socialization. He’s a delightful boy but because of his size and strength he can intimidate some people. He really loves people and seems content to sit next to you and receive lovin’. It’s difficult to resist his open, happy personality. He is curious and loves to explore. This guy needs more direction and training to become a leash companion. He needs an indoor home and active people willing to work and play with him. Although he can be loving and huggable, he may be too much dog for toddlers and young children. Schmoodle has a lot of potential for the right family! He’s always happy to sit for a treat and has a very soft mouth when taking treats! Schmoodle does well with other dogs but can overwhelm some with his size. If you are interested in meeting Schmoodle or would like more information about him, ask the front desk or call Jenn at 208-866-1629

DSC_0159 DSC_0171Schmoodle and Halsey For more info on Halsey click here

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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