S.F. Payette Canyon looks good

sfcanyonThe South Fork of the Payette River Canyon is running at perfect flows and outfitters got off to an early start in the canyon because of low flows this season.

“It has been a quick start to the South Fork Payette Canyon whitewater season,” said Ginger Glaccum, who owns the Payette River Company with her husband Sean.
The Canyon Run of the South Fork goes from the Deadwood River to the Danskin boat ramp. Rafters have to portage Big Falls. It also features Lone Pine, Little Falls and a lot of other Class IV rapids.
The high-water spring was short, leaving great water levels. “It never got too high for a good trip,” she said.
“We are looking forward to a nice hot summer and are glad to have the Deadwood Reservoir helping to keep water levels fun,” Glaccum said. “The Canyon might just be the best whitewater in the state thanks to the Deadwood.”
Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman
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