S.F. Boise River flow increases

Flows from Anderson Ranch Dam on the South Fork of the Boise River were increased on Monday from 600 cfs to 1,600 cfs due to below normal snowpack, early spring runoff and increasing demands for irrigation water.

“South Fork flows are expected to remain at these levels into August, which will also benefit river rafters and kayakers,” Brian Sauer, Snake River Area Office hydrologist. “These are typical summertime flows coming just a few weeks earlier.”

Current water storage in the Boise River reservoirs is about 68 percent of capacity.

Anderson Ranch Dam is about 28 miles northeast of Mountain Home.

Despite the warming weather, water temperatures are still very cold in local streams so precautions should be taken to avoid water contact without proper preparation, Sauer said.

The increased flows will not adversely impact the available water supply for the irrigation season this year, water managers said.

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