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River Dog

On the menu: H.J. took Arrianna to Ben’s Crow Inn for finger steaks, fries, and a salad with homemade ranch dressing.

Notable: This girl LOVES her veggies! First dog ever to eat a salad and lick the bowl!

H.J. took Arrianna to the always dog friendly patio at the Crows Inn for lunch. When H.J. ordered his salad he didn’t realize he’d be sharing it with Arrianna. She at all of his baby carrots and wanted more so he fed her big chunks of lettuce dipped in ranch and she loved it. She made the cutest face crunching on the salad. She seemed to be equally as happy with finger steaks and fries, there were no leftovers. Arrianna seemed to enjoy the misters on the patio and was at ease watching people come and go.

After Lunch: H.J. took Arrianna down to Barber Park to see if she’d enjoy the river. She totally surprised Jeff when she jumped right in and started paddling. Luckily she was on a 25foot lead so she could go out deep enough to swim. The pleasure and sheer happiness she got from playing in the water was so heart warming. She was like a kid in a candy store dancing around with excitement. H.J. picked up a stick and tossed it in the river to see if she’d go after it and boy did she ever, she practically knocked Jeff off his feet running as fast as she could then dive bombing to retrieve it. He didn’t expect that kind of a response and it became clear that someone had enjoyed some really good times in the water with her before. It wasn’t long before rafters came by and she swam out to try to catch up with them. They were all giggling and talking to her as she tried to swim along side them. There is no doubt if she hadn’t been on leash she would have followed them down the river. After an hour of playing in the water H.J took Arrianna back to the shelter. He had been told that she was crazy about Frisbees but he wanted to see her in action. Don’t let her age fool you this girl is an athlete. She ran and leaped catching almost every Frisbee. She would always bring it right back and drop it at Jeff’s feet then she’d back up and wait for him to throw it again and again and again. She finally wore her self out she was panting and tired but she kept trying to drop the Frisbee for H.J. He told her it was time to rest and when he ignored her she would pick the Frisbee and drop it again as if to say, “maybe you didn’t hear me I want to catch this Frisbee!” H.J. had such a fun day with Arrianna he hated to put her back in her kennel. H.J. says, “She’s going to make an amazing dog for someone who will indulge her in all her favorite activities!”

Videos of Arrianna:

Arrianna in the river

Arrianna doing the doggy paddle

Arrianna the frisbee dog

More on Arrianna from the Idaho Humane Society
What a lovely dog! Arrianna is very friendly and good-natured. Dont let her gray hairs fool you this girl is an athlete! She loves to play fetch and Frisbee and she loves to swim! She’ll catch a toy in mid-air and bring it back to you, dropping it at your feet. Then she smiles up at you, hoping you’ll throw it again! She loves people. Her previous owner said she’s not crazy about other female dogs, but we haven’t seen any problems here. She lays quietly, knows “sit”, “down”, “come” and “stay”. She appears to be house-trained. She walks nicely and gently on a leash. Arrianna is a loving, nice-mannered dog who bonds easily. She’d make a great companion! Arrianna’s not accustomed to being around young children, so she’s recommended for a home with adults or children over 8 years old. American Pit Bull Terrier Mix – 8 yrs –64 pounds

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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