Rising Darkness – destined soul mates and an ancient enemy

Rising Darkness
Mary has been dreaming strange dreams for as long as she can remember. It is always the same set of recurring dreams and lately they are becoming more frequent. She is a doctor that works at the ER in Michigan, however has always been a loner and seems to be searching for something that is just beyond her reach.
Michael was a very strange young child, always in a rage over something and until he meets his mentor he was headed for disaster. When he meets Astra she helps him remember everything about his past and he knows that he lost the other half of himself centuries ago and has been searching for her every since.
Mary is hearing voices on the wind; they seem to be telling her something however she is not sure what to believe. When she feels compelled to drive north, they help her along the way until Michael finds her on the side of the road. He knows right away who she is however she struggles as her memories are just now surfacing and they both know they are in danger from an ancient enemy, The Deceiver, who wants to use Mary and destroy Michael.
This is an amazing start to a dark Urban Fantasy series with some elements of romance. I enjoyed the world building and the characters, Mary and Michael are very interesting as they struggle to remember their past lives and have to deal with present dangers. Be warned, as the story of Mary and Michael does not end in this book and will continue with the next book as we learn more about this world.
I recommend if you enjoy dark urban fantasies with fascinating characters.

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