Revolution Center partners with Kiss FM for ‘Club Rev’ DJs, dance-party Thursdays


Garden City’s Revolution Center is revving up Thursdays beginning Feb. 13 with out-of-state DJs, an intimate new stage setup and laser-powered dance parties.

Partnering with Kiss 103.5 FM, the concert house will launch “Club Rev,” a Top 40/dance/electronic/hip-hop series. It’s free to anyone 21 and older. If you’re 18 to 20, it will cost $5. Nobody under 18 will be admitted. If you’re over 30,  your brain will explode and rain gray matter onto the audience along with the confetti cannons.

“The overall concept is that we’re fully adding all this sound, lights, new side stage, cutting down the room, adding lasers, confetti, CO2 cannons, and bringing in major talents,” RevCenter owner Creston Thornton says. “We’ll have national DJs from Vegas, L.A., New York.”

“Club Rev” will be hosted by Kiss FM personality Lucky Tha DJ, who will broadcast live from the event.

Here’s the schedule so far. Party starts at 9 p.m. sharp:

Anyone who’s been to the RevCenter in the past will get their mind twisted by the room’s layout, which will be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. A new stage will be on the left wall of the room. The back half of the building will be curtained off, including the regular stage, creating a smaller, sweatier atmosphere. The same setup will be used for coming gigs by T-Mills and Pegboard Nerds — and possibly other concerts that might have been considered exclusively Knitting Factory-sized before.

“A lot of stuff has been coming across our plate that would be great for 500, 600, 700 people,” Thornton says, “and in our 2,200-capacity room, it just didn’t work. It’s just a cooler setup, so if there’s 600 people there, it’s going to be nice and full.”

The series has bumped the Revolution Center’s number of days open in February and March to twice what it was in 2013. There are 10 events slated for February and 11 for March.

The Revolution Center, which opened in August of 2012, tried to launch a dance series in 2013. But Thornton says there wasn’t the right energy to make it succeed long-term. This time will be different, he says.

“We didn’t have a radio station behind it,” he explains, pointing out that Kiss FM was No. 1 in the most recent Arbitron ratings. “And we didn’t have a huge production. I think a year later, it’s a really different vibe.”

In other news, the Revolution Center just added a new Ultra Lounge for private parties and meet-and-greets. Photos are below. Whaddaya think?




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