Remember: You can donate to the Idaho Food Bank Fund on your tax return

The Idaho Food Bank Fund’s fourth year was again a success, thanks to donations from Idaho taxpayers. The fund’s executive committee distributed 31 grants worth $100,000 in 2013, up from $99,912.71, $90,978.04 and $78,100 during the fund’s previous years.

For example, grants to anti-hunger groups in 2013 included:

  • $4,970 to the Eastern Idaho Community Action Program in Idaho Falls to purchase food for the Haven shelter
  • $3,770 to the Mountain View Church of the Brethren in Boise to buy a refrigerator
  • $2,470 to the BoCo Backpack Committee in Bonners Ferry to purchase supplemental weekend food
  • $3,495 to the Wm. Cobbley Senior Center in Challis to purchase a refrigerator and on-demand water heater

This year taxpayers will again be able to use the Idaho State Income Tax Form to donate to the Fund. The Idaho Food Bank Fund donation option is at line 39 on Form 40.

The Idaho Food Bank Fund was established by the 2009 Legislature as a cooperative effort between three well-respected statewide Idaho nonprofit organizations: The Idaho Foodbank, Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho and Catholic Charities of Idaho. The donation opportunity firstappeared on the 2009 Idaho State Income Tax Form 40, and it allows taxpayers to designate a dollar amount for the Fund.

The Fund accepts grant applications from any Idaho nonprofit that provides hunger relief. The stated purpose of the Fund allows food providers to request funding for emergency food purchases, assistance to expand capacities and funding for a variety of hunger-relief services and programs.

Qualified applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations but are not required to have any connection with Community Action Partnership of Idaho, Catholic Charities of Idaho or The Idaho Foodbank.

For more information about the grants To learn more about the fund and view the public service announcement go to


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