Relive the golden era of mule deer hunting

Photo provided by Boone and Crockett Club, Roger Crowther with a buck taken from Blaine County in 1957.

I have a weakness for the Boone and Crockett Club’s book “A Mule Deer Retrospective” for many reasons. First, I love mule deer and mule deer hunting. Second, many of these vintage photos look like they were poached from our family photo albums. My parents and grandparents lived in Colorado during the hey day of mule deer hunting. Third, some of my fondest hunting memories were from our annual hunting camp in Eastern Oregon, and I’ve carried my love of mule deer hunting and the memories it creates to Idaho, which has never disappointed me for it’s deer and the rugged backcountry they inhabit.

Mule deer hunting is definitely a slice of western Americana. The flannel shirts, the fedoras, the old pickups and vintage rifles evoke an era that’s easy to romanticize, not to mention some incredible animals.

This book is must-read for any mule deer hunter.

Learn more about it and order it HERE.

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