Potato Drop column mashes some lyrics

In my column earlier today praising Dylan Cline’s initiative for the Idaho Potato Drop this evening to commemorate New Year’s in Boise, I seem to have set myself up as the defacto clearinghouse for potato jokes, Drop Song lyrics and other related hash.

What do you call the collection of folks gathered at the bottom of the “Drop Zone” below at U.S. Bank?

The Mash Pit!

To whom did Mr. Potato Head wed during his trip to England?

Emma “Potato” Peel, a.k.a. the lovely Diana Rigg of TV’s “Avengers.”

The phone rang this morning and Gerald Conrad of Meridian was on the line. He wanted to sing his nomination for the Idaho Potato Drop ditty. He wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

Conrad is a potato grower and his tuber tune is actually a remake of a song he and his fellow Kiwanis Club brethren used to sing in Burley in the mid 1960s.

It follows the melody of “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree” and it goes like this:

Oh Idaho, Oh Idaho
How do you make those ‘taters grow.

And when the Western breezes blow,
You sell them for a lot of dough

Your tater’s are so big in size
And don’t forget they all have eyes

And when the Western breezes blow
That’s why you have to hoe! hoe! hoe!

I only wish you could have heard Conrad sing, a generation-bending mix of Burl Ives and Josh Ritter.

Later in the day I heard from Shirley Ewing via email:

“Robert, loved your article. I was inspired to write the following. I think the idea of a potato drop is brilliant. Thanks to Mr. Cline.
Shirley Ewing”

Potato drop, potato tot
Try ‘em mashed and eat em hot
Potato drop, don’t let it flop
Baked potato, let it drop.

Thanks to all. Enjoy the first ever Idaho Potato Drop

Happy New Year — and eat your unbaked hearts out, New York.

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