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Pets Unleashed: Roundup of animals in the news (near and far)

Every day I come across numerous articles and / or videos from across the country (and beyond) that are focused on pet or other animal issues. As time permits, I will share a daily roundup on this blog.

First, some good news. Remember the 50-plus dogs that the Idaho Humane Society brought in from California and Arizona about a week and a half ago? All but a few had been placed in new homes by Monday, according to IHS spokeswoman Hannah Parpart. Treasure Valley residents love dogs, no question about it.

Earlier this week, a 5-year-old in Canyon County donated $5 to the animal shelter there for dog food. The shelter  posted this photo, left, of LaneLane.


One of the first things I saw this morning was that Morrissey cancelled an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show because other guests appearing on the same show are “animal serial killers.”

Who were the objectionable guests? Folks from “Duck Dynasty,” a reality TV show about the family behind the company Duck Commander (which makes products for duck hunters).

Read the L.A. Times’ story on the kerfuffle.

And here’s the New York Times’ story.

Looking forward to hearing what Kimmel has to say about that tonight. I have no doubt that he will comment on that since it made national news.


A bizarrely awful report of an attempted dog poisoning out of Kelso, Wash.,  caught my eye later in the day.

“Investigators said someone threw a plastic bottle filled with anti-freeze over a family’s fence, along with nearly two dozen pieces of meat laced with glass,” reported

Do we really need to worry now about things people might into the yard that can kill our pets? I guess so.

Read more here about that incident.


A press release about a new Hallmark Channel show called “Who let the dogs out?” came into my inbox today. The stars of the show are: Tillman, “the fastest skateboarding dog,” and Norman, “the scooter dog.”

Who doesn’t love a skateboarding dog? Find out more about the show here.


“PETA mad about bombing Guam with dead mice”

Well, there’s a headline that grabs ya.

Without the context, it sounds pretty bizarre. The goal is to kill some of the 2 million brown snakes that have wiped out Guam’s native bird population.

As Reuters reports, the dead mice would be laced with the the painkiller acetaminophen. The snakes can grow to 10 feet and become a nuisance in a variety of ways, biting people and causing power outages.

Read more about the snake infestation of Guam here.


A few days ago, the L.A. Times ran a story on the funeral for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremiah MacKay, who was killed in a shootout with ex-cop and accused killer Christopher Dorner. It’s a touching story about a dedicated deputy who loved animals, particularly sheepdogs.

Read the story: Sheepdogs held special meaning for slain sheriff’s deputy

I loved this line: “Several colleagues who eulogized MacKay ended their remarks with the phrase, “Sheepdog up!”







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