Payette Brewing to put Outlaw IPA in cans by April 1

Here’s some good news for Boise beer nuts. The fine folks at Payette Brewing Co. said Wednesday they will have Outlaw IPA and North Fork Lager in cans and on local store shelves beginning April 1.

Those beers join the Payette’s Mutton Buster Brown Ale and Payette Pale Ale in six packs on local store shelves. For a town where craft beer nuts weren’t able to buy a homegrown six pack until last year, this is big news.

“That’s not a joke ā€” the cans will be available on April 1,” Payette Brewing founder Mike Francis said Tuesday. “It’s really exciting. (The Outlaw) is our best selling beer, and our most well-known beer.”

Sockeye Brewing put their Dagger Falls IPA in cans last year and recently added the Power House Porter in six packs, so local retail options are increasing.

The battle between Dagger Falls and Outlaw for market share should be interesting. Both IPAs are the flagship brews for both companies and are well loved by local beer nuts.

Francis wasn’t able to can Outlaw last year because he wasn’t sure if he had enough hops to meet all the draft orders for his most popular brew and to put it in a sixer at the same time. The hop order for 2013 was made with canning in mind.

You can find sixers from Sockeye and Payette at good bottle shops and in area grocery stores.



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