Participation in ‘Idaho Gives’ up 35 percent this year

More than 560 Idaho nonprofits are signed up to participate in Idaho Gives, the day of online giving that will take place May 1.  That number represents a 35 percent increase over the number of participants in 2013. The deadline for groups to register was April 10.

This year, the Idaho Nonprofit Center has enlisted the help of local celebrities to raise awareness of Idaho Gives. They include Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong, writer Anthony Doerr, musician Muzzie Braun, film director Michael Hoffman, NFL Quarterback Kellen Moore, Olympic gold medalist Stacy Dragila, and mayors from across Idaho. Check out the video here:

In 2013, the first year of Idaho Gives, the fundraiser brought in more than half a million dollars for participating organizations. Participants also got to share a bonus pool based on their numbers of individual donors. That will happen again in 2014 thanks to the corporate and individual donors who have given about $48,000 to the pool so far. Groups compete against groups of similar size for their share of the bonus.

Idaho Gives takes place mostly online, though groups often organize giving events and celebrations on May 1. The website to donate is: 


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