‘Part-Time Indian’ novel will go to teens for free Wednesday

Copies of a controversial book pulled from Meridian School District’s 10th grade supplemental reading list will be handed out to teens at no cost Wednesday.

The book, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie, will be distributed beginning at 5 p.m. at Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park, 1900 N. Records Ave. in Meridian.

More than 300 copies of the book will be available. The books come from a fundraising effort by two Washington women who were unhappy that the Meridian School District pulled the novel about a teenage Native American growing up on a reservation. Some parents complained the book was pornographic and filthy. They said the book mentions masturbation, and contains profanity and anti-Christian messages.

The two women, Sara Baker, who attends the University of Washington, and Jennifer Lott, from Spokane, say the book is about the struggles of a Native American teen who attends an all-white school in a nearby city.

After the book was pulled, Baker and Lott got more than $3,000 at GoFundMe.com, a website to raise money for personal causes.

Meridian School District trustees put the book on hold in its curriculum while it seeks a replacement and re-evaluates more than 200 other books on supplemental reading lists for sixth through 12th grades.

Supplemental reading lists mean teachers may draw from the list for small groups of students or whole classes to read.

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