Parks and Recreation seeks advisory board members to spend its money


Here’s a chance to put your mouth where your money is. Idaho Parks and Recreation gets a lot of money every year from its various programs, and there are citizen panels that decide where it gets spent. Much of the money comes from things like boat, snowmobile or atv registrations, RV registrations, etc. Others come from federal funds. It all gets spent in Idaho, and someone gets to decide where and how it gets spent. Some of these boards have members who represent different regions of the state, and others represent certain user groups for the whole state.

There are numerous positions open on different boards, including:

RV Advisory Committee: two positions. This committee decides how RV registration money is spent to acquire, purchase, improve, repair, and maintain RV facilities and sites.

Recreation Trail Program: two positions, one equestrian representative, and one bicycle representative. This group decides how nonmotorized trails funds get spent to acquire, purchase, improve, repair, and maintain trail facilities and sites.

Waterways Improvement Fund: two positions. This group decides how boater registration money gets spent, including the promotion of safety, waterways improvement, creation and improvement of parking areas for boating purposes, making and improving boat ramps and moorings, marking of waterways, search and rescue and including purchase of property for boat related purposes of boating facilities.

Off Road Motor Vehicle: Three positions. This is where ATV, dirt bike and snowmobile registration money goes, and this panel decides how to acquire, purchase, improve, repair, maintain, furnish, and equip off-road motor vehicle facilities and sites or areas used by off-road motor vehicles on public or private land, and to assist with the enforcement of laws and regulations governing the use of off-road vehicles in the State of Idaho.

These are three-year terms appointed by the governor.

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