Pacific Rim Wine Stop: We hardly knew ya

Pacific Rim Wine Stop is liquidating its remaining wine stock and equipment after closing today.

The wine store and takeout eatery lasted just under a year on State Street in Boise.

Positive press apparently wasn’t enough to keep foot traffic high. In late December, it was featured in a “‘Great takeout: Fast feasts in Boise” article in Scene magazine.

Looking for better-than-average takeout to share with his wife, our reviewer stopped in — and was pleasantly surprised:

I was met with an eclectic and exotic menu, and cobbled together a pretty unusual meal: zesty Bangkok crabcakes, wrapped in lettuce leaves and served with a bright, spicy cucumber salsa ($10); smooth and savory shrimp and crab pate, which tasted great on crisped slices of baguette and capped with more cucumber ($10); plus, a cup of New Orleans creamy seafood chowder ($6) and a side of “Killer” baked beans ($4 small, $6 large), just to give them a try. (Think that’s a varied palate? I passed on a couple of BBQ wrap options, salmon teriyaki and a Canadian cheddar soup.)

The chef made them all as I waited, but remember this is a “wine stop,” so I was happy to get a glass and relax. (You also can call ahead.)

The pate was my favorite, and then the chowder. The beans were a little sweet and didn’t quite fit in with the mix (and that was more my fault than theirs). The crab cakes were pretty darn good — and they stayed hot and crisp on the outside as I drove the 20 or so blocks home.

Michael Deeds is the Idaho Statesman’s entertainment columnist and Scene magazine editor. His column runs Fridays and Sundays. He appears on the 6 p.m. broadcast of "Today's 6 News" on Thursdays and hosts a music show, "The Other Studio," from 9-10 p.m. Sundays on 94.9 FM The River.

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