Open Door Music Studio and other creative summer camp ideas

Remember when piano lessons meant sitting next to the neighbor lady and going through your scales over and over?

Well, it’s not like that anymore.

Just check out what’s happening at Vashti Summervill’s Open Door Music Studio, where kids work and play together to learn an instrument.

Summervill teaches group lessons in piano, percussion and voice with a technique called Simply Music, which uses shapes and visual cues to teach chords, rather than scales and asking kids to read music. All that comes later.

Last week, Leila Pace-Murphey, Livi Porter, Maya Yost and Chloe Conti ran to the piano to take turns playing their parts — sometimes right hand, sometimes left, sometimes both. They squeezed together on the tiny piano bench to place their hands on the keys. Later, they transferred their piano skills to the marimba.

Why marimba? Check out the video below:

Open Door, 1187 W. River St., Boise, offers summer music camps for ages 8 and older that run June 23-26, July 21-24 and Aug. 4-7 and cost $60-$100. Online:

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