One Lucky Vampire – wonderful paranormal romance

I have always loved this series. The Argeneau stories have humor, romance and a bit of suspense and danger thrown in for excitement. Ms. Sands creates interesting and fun characters that seem to find their way out of trouble and into love, as they find their life mates. One Lucky Vampire delivers as all the rest and I enjoyed the ride.
Jake (Stephano) Colson has been hiding from his family for the last three years, yet when they come to ask for help he is willing. He was born mortal to a family of immortals; he had wished to stay that way when asked at the age of eighteen, but fate stepped in when a girl with a vendetta stabbed him and his boss Vincent Argeneau saved him. Jake has been angry for three years but when Marguerite shows up he believes he is ready to re-join the family.
Marguerite has a job for him as a bodyguard, a daughter of a friend of hers is in trouble, Nicole was married to Rodolfo Rossi and is about to get a divorce, it was a bad marriage from the beginning and now strange things are happening and she needs protection. Marguerite believes Rodolfo is trying to kill Nicole for her money yet Nicole is in denial.
The threats on their lives increases, Nicole is almost run over and Jake gets violently ill, his family rushes in to help and I love that we get to see so many of them again, Julius, Danielle, Nina and others rally around. While they all try to help, Nicole is getting quite the education about immortals, they try to shield her and when Jake tries to explain it is truly hilarious.
This is a wonderful addition to the series. I liked Jake from the beginning, he has some issues from several years ago and has cut himself off from his family, but almost from the start he seems to regret how he handled things. I like that first off, he apologies to his family as they show up throughout the story. And speaking of his family, I love the Argeneau clan and those that are attached to it; they are a close-knit, fun loving family, full of craziness. I love how they rally around when needed and I even liked how they gave Jake his time to heal. Nicole is a great fit for Jake and as the nanos proclaim, they never make a mistake, the chemistry ignites from the beginning as Nicole believes he is a housekeeper/cook and the two are amazing as they work through the danger and her awakening knowledge of who and what Jake is.
The action in the story starts with a bang and continues throughout the book as we find the hero and heroine in various types of peril from an unknown source. I found I changed my mind about which the villain is and was surprised in the end but a bit disappointed at the resolution, but no worries, this is a recommended read for those that love the series and enjoy paranormal romance.

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