November means bucks in the ‘hood

Buck 1113
Photo by Roger Phillips
I love watching deer, and seeing big bucks is always a thrill. I spend a lot of time in deer country, but I often go a whole year and only see a few mature mule deer bucks sporting a full set of antlers. They’re an extremely elusive animal, and even though they often live in open country, they have an uncanny ability to hide in plain sight.

But every November, I can count on at least one big buck showing up in our neighborhood to pursue does during the rut. It happened Sunday morning when I woke up and saw this guy skylighted on a ridge. I hunted hard during October and never saw a buck this big, which is always a little frustrating, but it still makes me grin when I finally see one.

This guy represents all those big mule deer bucks roaming the backcountry. They won the last round, and I lost; tip of the hat to a worthy opponent. Glad to know you will probably be out there again next year. Now go do what nature intended, and we will pick up where we left off next October.

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