Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Nothing dainty about this buttercup

On the menu: H.J. took Buttercup to Burger Time for a cheese burger and French fries with fry sauce.

Notable: Buttercup carried her leash in her mouth on her way out of the shelter

H.J. and Butters enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio at Burger Time. Butters appeared to be very mature for her young age. She was happy to sit and wait for her lunch and she never got impatient waiting for her next bite. Once she finished her burger and fries she was still looking for more.

After lunch: H.J. took Buttercup down to the river at Julia Davis Park because he suspected she was a water dog. Butters jumped right in the water and actually cried because she wanted to go further out. She stood in the water for at least 5 or 10 minutes and was very content. After some fun in the water H.J. took Butters to Burger King for ice cream. Butters loved the vanilla ice cream in fact she ate hers out of a cup and finished H.J.’s cone for him! She rode nicely in the back seat on the way back to the shelter but she would check in every now and then with a few kisses of gratitude. H.J. describes Buttercup as, “A big lovable brown bear looking for her pot of honey!”

More about Buttercup from the Idaho Humane Society-  American Pit Bull Terrier Mix – 12 months – 76.6 lbs – Brown/White -

Buttercup is a silly pup! She is super social and friendly to everyone she meets. Despite her strength and size, she walks lovely on leash and is gentle when she is getting her love on. Butters is a bit rambunctious when she meets and plays with other dogs so a sturdy one her size would be her best match. She acts house trained and will sit and down (at the same time!) for a cookie. She rides nicely in the car and takes treats gently. Please work with this girl, she is very food motivated and could learn so much from you. This big girl loves water and will be a fun dog to take to the lake!

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