North Star names new principal

A former instructor at Compass Public Charter School in Meridian has been named principal of the secondary school at financially troubled North Star Charter School.

Melissa Andersen will service  as interim until through the 2013-2014 school year.

She replaces Larry Rogien who resigned earlier this week as North Star’s head of school.

North Star officials have changed the management structure and eliminated the head-of-school position, said Jim Miller, board chairman.

The school will now have a principal for secondary and another principal for elementary grades.

Andersen began work on Friday. She worked at Compass since 2008, teaching fourth, sixth and eighth grades. She’s been trained in the Idaho Core Standards,  a rigorous set of standards which will be launched in Idaho classrooms this fall.

Registration at North Star Charter appears strong, despite its financial problems. Preliminary numbers show the school has 276 students in grades seven through 12. It budgeted for 305. But between exchange students who will are  coming to the school and those on waiting lists, school officials think they will meet their goal. The school also anticipates 660 elementary students, for a total enrollment of 965.

“We are really happy that everyone came back,” Miller said.

North Star has been locked in a struggle with Meridian School District, which says the school is not financially strong.

In June, Meridian Board of Trustees voted to pull North Star’s charter. A public hearing on North Star’s fate has not been set.

If the board decides to yank the charter, North Star can appeal to the State Board of Education.

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