Nordic skiing: Off trail crusty and hard packed

skiCross-country skiing on some of the logging roads northeast of Idaho City Christmas day was pretty poor on crusty, hard-packed snow.

The best places for skiing this weekend will definitely be those areas that are groomed. If you decide to venture off trail or in areas where trails are not groomed, you might think about using snowshoes.

We found hard-packed conditions on some of the roads between Mores Creek Summit and Beaver Creek Summit. The snow depth varies from zero in the tree wells to about 10 to 20 inches in other places. It’s surprising that there isn’t that much snow up there for this time of the year. The snow marker at Mores Creek Summit registers at 28 inches.

Other areas: Galena, 21 inches; Deadwood Summit, 40 inches; Big Creek Summit, 30 inches; Bear Basin, 14 inches; Banner Summit, 28 inches; and Atlanta Summit, 30 inches.

If you want to explore the snowy high country this weekend, do it on snowshoes unless you ski at a groomed area.

Photo of a mountain road near Edna Creek Campground along Idaho 21 by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman


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