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Nampa Police warn residents about bottle bombs

Nampa Police warned residents on Monday to report any “mysteriously appearing plastic bottles” in their yards or mailboxes.

Police say there’s been several reports over the past year of bottles being turned into small, homemade bombs. The most commonly used bottle is 2 liter soda bottles, though milk and sports drink bottles have also been used.

“The most recent was found by a resident this last weekend,” police said in the release posted on Facebook.

Sgt. Tim Randall told the Idaho Statesman that a Nampa father reported finding one on Rolling Green Street in the Parkridge subdivision on Sunday. His 13-year-old was playing with a remote-controlled car when he noticed a milk jug in the street.

The boy poured the contents of the jug out, and the father noticed a green liquid, aluminum foil and foaming. It appears the bottle bomb malfunctioned, Randall said. The boy was not injured.

But police say bottle bombs can cause serious injuries, including chemical burns, loss of fingers and eye injuries. Randall said there’s no indication that individuals or groups are intentionally targeting people.

“Most of them are pranksters,” Randall said.






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