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Muy Caliente

On the menu: H.J. took Hot Sauce to Los Mariachis for the shredded beef taco platter with rice.

H.J. didn’t feel a hamburger was suitable for a dog named Hot Sauce so he decided to change things up a bit. They enjoyed lunch at a picnic table in Veterans Park. To Jeff’s surprise Hot Sauce aka Saucy was not interested in chips or salsa! He did however love the shredded beef tacos and especially the rice! Video of Hot Sauce enjoying his rice

After lunch they walked along the green belt and Jeff took Hot Sauce to explore the river. Saucy walked right in casually and seemed to enjoy the water. On a whim Jeff picked up a stick and threw it and Saucy sprung into action nearly taking Jeff off his feet. He retrieved the stick brought it back and dropped it and waited for Jeff to throw it again. This went on for at least an hour with no sign of fatigue from Hot Sauce. Didn’t matter how far H.J. threw it he would get it again and again. Before Jeff could pick up the stick Hot Sauce would run out to the water and look back waiting for the pitch. Seeing the joy in Saucy’s face was wonderful. He was smiling from the inside out! Video of Hot Sauce fetching a stick   More video of Hot Sauce swimming

Once back in the car Saucy Pants rolled around in the backseat in pure pleasure. He kept a coveted souvenir (a big stick) close to him in the back seat. Back at the shelter Hot Sauce got to participate in playgroups. He was a silly boy and after he ran zoomies with the other dogs he rolled and rolled and rolled around in the grass. He must have spent at least half his time in playgroups rolling around. Video of Hot Sauce rolling in the grass     After spending the day with Hot Sauce H.J. said, “He’s a silly boy, very entertaining! What a great companion he’d be on regular trips to the river or lake!”

More about Hot Sauce from the Idaho Humane Society
Hot Sauce is a gentle, sweet-mannered dog. Calm and easy-going. He takes treats nicely and is easy to work with. He appears to be house-trained and crate-trained. He knows “sit”, “down” and will “beg”. He needs more practice walking on a leash, but will train easily with treats and vocal praise. He’s such a nice dog! Regular exercise is a must. He’d enjoy going on walks with you! Hot Sauce will be a wonderful companion and great addition to your household. Hamburger Jeff recently discovered his love for fetching sticks out of the river! American Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador Retriever Mix – Male – 7 yrs. 4 mos. – Brown/White – 60 pounds.

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Pictures courtesy of Jenn Graham

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