Mother’s Day lupine is blooming

lupineThe Mother’s Day lupine grove in the Boise Foothills is blooming and should be perfect for the weekend.

The patch of lupine is up the trail from the Miller Gulch Trailhead off Bogus Basin Road, just minutes out of Boise.

Depending on the weather, the flowers bloom around Mothers Day and make the perfect hike for Mom or Grandma.

I went up and shot this photo Wednesday (May 8) afternoon. The patch doesn’t look as thick as some years but it is still colorful with white, yellow, blue and purple flowers.

Warning: It is a bit of a hike and may be strenuous for some folks. My watch said it was a 102-foot elevation gain. It took 550 uphill steps to get to the wildflowers. It’s also on an open sunny slope and it could be hot on Sunday.

Anyway, the patch seems to be a traditional spot for the wildflowers and the area has been dubbed the Mother’s Day Lupine grove.

I was alerted about the flowers in bloom this week from a reader. “We hiked the Corral Trail today (Tuesday)  and the lupines are in nearly full bloom on the hillside. It seems like they always bloom within a week on either side of Mother’s Day,” said Pat Kelley of Boise.

Thanks for the tip Pat.


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