More details coming in from the South Fork of the Boise River

South Fork monday
Another slide was reported near the Tailwaters boat launch on the South Fork of the Boise River, which I wasn’t able to see on Friday because I was downstream of the Reclamation Village slide area.

The slides appears to have sent a lot of mud and rock into the river, which means there were five slides in the canyon, not four as previously reported.

Idaho Fish and Game has biologists surveying the area, and they are expected to report back on Monday afternoon.

The river flows dropped from 600 cfs to 300 cfs Monday after the Bureau of Reclamation reduced the water release out of the dam, which is normal for the this time of year as irrigation demands decrease. BOR will continue releasing 300 cfs until spring, according to Brian Sauer, BOR hydraulic engineer.

This is an evolving story, and I will have a big article on Thursday with lots of photos so people can see what the river looks like after the fires and slides.

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