Moonlight Kiss – wonderful contemporary romance

Moonlight Kiss is a delightful read that adds to the series but is wonderful as a standalone. The author takes us to small town America where the characters are engaging and enjoyable.
Addison is picking up the pieces of her life…again. She has had two broken engagements in less than five years, and for someone who shuns the spotlight, both of her fiancĂ©’s have been famous. Her most recent engagement was with Garrett whose father is a prominent rock star. He wanted Addison to star with him in a reality series showing their marriage and life. She was disappointed when she realizes that Garrett was marrying her because of who they could be in a reality show. To top it all off, the celebrity magazines had her pared with Rick, Garrett’s father during the breakup and Garrett did not deny the rumor to further his fame.
Addy has always hated the spotlight, her mother is a famous personal financial analyst who is on all the talk shows. Although her mother is well-known, the family has always been very down to earth and when she talks to her father about what to do, he suggests a change, go visit her uncle in Cricket Creek, Kentucky and see if she likes it.
She reconnects with her cousin Mia and talks about the small town and how they are reinventing it as a wedding destination. Wedding Row filled with shops for everything a bride would want, except a boutique, Mia promptly talks Addison into opening a store that will sell all the clothes a woman attending a wedding could need. During her visit, she meets Reid, a financial wizard helping his sister Sara with the family ranch. Sara wants to turn the barn and area surrounding it into a place for picturesque weddings. Reid, being a financial expert who almost lost everything in the economic downturn is worried about his sister’s failure.
What a great addition to the Cricket Creek series. I thoroughly enjoyed this story about Reid and Addy. They both were a bit shy about starting anything serious, but for different reasons. Addy because she has struck out twice and Reid because he has been out of the dating scene for several years, but the attraction is something they could not ignore. The chemistry between the two works well and they may fight the pull but then finally let it take hold.
I really like how Ms. McLane weaves two romances into the story, of course the main one with Addy and Reid but also a secondary romance featuring Maggie, a realtor in town and Rick, Garrett’s father who has come to town to originally apologize to Addy but then decides to keep a low profile and let things be. However he is enjoying the cabin he rented and being around Maggie so it was a win for him. Rick was ready to reinvent himself, both with his lifestyle and his music and Cricket Creek seems like the perfect place. I really like Rick and thought that Maggie was his perfect match.
The author writes wonderful characters that are charming and engaging and I love the small town atmosphere that she creates. I have enjoyed the characters that are featured here from previous books and look forward to visiting Cricket Creek again very soon. I truly recommend this book for anyone that loves small town romances with wonderful characters and romance.

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