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Mitt Romney gives Simpson campaign star power

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released a TV ad of Republican 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney endorsing Mike Simpson, who’s fighting to hold on to his seat in Congress.

In the slick 30-second spot, Romney, well-dressed and coiffed as always, looks straight at the camera and lets people know that Mike Simpson has been fighting Obamacare and wasteful government spending.

In terms of star power, this is the biggest endorsement in the race to represent Idaho’s second congressional district for the next two years. Bryan Smith, an Idaho Falls attorney and debt collector, has the backing of national groups such as the Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Citizens United and The Madison Project.

The Romney endorsement would seem uniquely important for another reason, too: Romney is Mormon, and Idaho’s second congressional district — especially eastern Idaho — has a high concentration of Mormons. Romney is extremely popular in the district, which was a plentiful source of campaign contributions and votes in 2012.

In other news, I was incorrect earlier today when I stated Simpson’s latest campaign fundraising numbers weren’t in and that the Federal Elections Commission showed he had raised $1.7 million as of Dec. 31. Turns out, the report showed up on the FEC website today, and the $1.7 million the campaign has raised includes $417,000 raised in Q1 of this year.

Here are some national blogs that have chimed in on the Chamber of Commerce/Romney ad:




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