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Miss the face-off between Karl Rove and Jim Messina early Sunday? Watch it now.

If you missed the early Sunday rumble between presidential campaign chiefs Jim Messina and Karl Rove on “This Week,” here’s a link to the video of the show.

And here’s a link to the transcript.

At one point, “This Week” moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Messina — the Boise High grad who managed Obama’s re-election campaign — if the report by the Republican National Committee “got what went wrong” for Republicans in the presidential election.

Here was his response:

“Absolutely not. I think there’s great things in that report. I think it got it right on the tactics, and I agree with Karl. The problem is, it misses the entire point.

They didn’t lose 71 percent of the Latino vote because of tactics. They didn’t lose over 60 percent of the youth vote, and women by double-digits because of tactics or outreach or data.

They lost it because they’re wrong on the issues, and their party has moved so far to the right they no longer speak to the majority of Americans. A Pew poll came out this morning, an interesting column saying that the Republican brand is at its lowest ebb in 30 years — 33 percent approved, 58 percent disapprove. That’s not about tactics, that’s about issues.”

After the show, Stephanopoulos posted a blog item about a comment Rove made — that he could imagine a  future Republican presidential candidate supporting gay marriage.

Rove took issue with the way that it was originally phrased, leading to the following note at the bottom of the blog:

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this article stated that Rove said he could imagine the next GOP presidential nominee  supporting gay marriage. Rove instead had said he could imagine a Republican presidential candidate in the next election supporting gay marriage.

Rove responded in a statement, “I was asked if I could see A Republican presidential candidate supporting gay marriage in 2016 and I said I could (eg, Jon Huntsman endorsed civil unions in 2012). I was not asked if I could see THE Republican presidential candidate or the GOP presidential nominee as the ABC website has said this afternoon.”



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