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Meridian updates city code to prohibit vaping in parks, city facilities

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow, governments are placing restrictions on where “vaping” is permitted. Here’s a link to a story from Monday about the FDA’s move to regulate electronic cigarettes.

On Tuesday, the city of Meridian voted to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in all city facilities. The ban takes effect next week (Monday), said city spokeswoman Natalie Podgorski. Earlier in the month, the city banned vaping in city parks.

“People can use cigarettes and e-cigarettes in the parks’ parking lots,” Podgorski said.

Meridian city code:

Parks Code section 13-2-6(W)

No person shall light, use, or consume any tobacco product or electronic cigarette in any City park, provided that this prohibition shall not apply to parking lots in City parks.  The definition of the terms “tobacco product” and “electronic cigarette” shall be as set forth in Idaho Code section 39-5702.  A violation of this provision shall be an infraction, the penalty for which shall be $50.00 plus court costs.

State law governing electronic cigarettes:

Idaho Code section 39-5702(6)

“Electronic cigarette” means any device that can provide an inhaled dose of nicotine by delivering a vaporized solution. “Electronic cigarette” includes the components of an electronic cigarette including, but not limited to, liquid nicotine.

Idaho Code section 39-5703(1)

It shall be unlawful for a minor to possess, receive, purchase, sell, distribute, use or consume tobacco products or electronic cigarettes or to attempt any of the foregoing.

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