Luna to lay out his schools budget for 2015

Tom Luna is expected to submit his 2014-2015 public schools budget to the governor and Legislature Tuesday, Oct. 1, and talk about his proposals at a Meridian Chamber of Commerce luncheon at noon.

Luna sought an extension on submitting his budget — usually due in early September — to incorporate recommendations from Gov. Butch Otter’s Task Force for Improving Education.
Otter’s task force, which brought together often disparate factions of public education, was nearly united in its support for 20 recommendations that include:

– Establishing a career ladder for teachers that includes pay increases.

– Restoring $82.5 million in budget cuts lost to districts during the Great Recession.

– Insisting students show mastery in the subjects they study before going onto the next subject.

Watch my blog for updates as Luna discusses his budget and I start gathering reaction.

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