Love at First Sight by Lori Wilde – small town romance

Natalie McCleary’s history is wrapped up in Cupid, Texas. Her great-grandmother started the tradition of writing a letter to the famous statue years ago and the town’s volunteers have helped ever since as they answer the hundreds of letters that come asking for help.

Natalie owns the B & B, Cupid’s Rest; she has always been the responsible one, taking care of everything including her sister Zoey. A plane crash took the lives of her parent’s years ago and her mother’s dying wish was for Natalie to take care of her sister. Ever since the crash, Natalie has walked with a limp, this made her shy and self-conscious, she never dated much and because she lived in Cupid, she always believed in love at first sight, she never found that one person until Dade Vega came to town – she stopped in the middle of the street and just stared.

Dade Vega, former Navy SEAL is in town looking for his friend and foster brother Red who was living at Cupid’s Rest, he had sent Dade a mayday text message several days ago and that was the last anyone heard from him. Dade sets out to find his friend, walking in is footprints to find clues. Natalie wants to help and as they get close, strange things happen and they become embroiled in something that could get both of them killed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as we take a peek at small town America and get to know the town’s quirks and fun inhabitants. There are moments of laugh out loud antics as well as heart stopping danger when Dade and Natalie seem to uncover criminal activity. The chemistry between Dade and Natalie is perfect as the two believe that they do find love at first sight. When things get a bit too deep, Dade does put up a small fight but then can’t continue as he feels the pull as strongly as she does.

This is a great start to a series, a recommend read for those that love small town stories with heart.

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