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Conrad has been a member of the Lonely Hearts Club since he found himself in the shelter in October. This mature boy is a goofy character with an under bite and an added bonus is he occasionally gets snaggle tooth. On the way out of the shelter Conrad couldn’t resist jumping into a bin of clean dog toys! He chose a soft sqeaky snake toy and took it to lunch with him. He was great in the car and really enjoyed riding with his head out the window with the wind in his face. According to Conrad nothing can compare to the sheer joy of a car ride.

Hamburger Jeff took Conrad to the Boise Fry Co. in Bown Crossing for a hamburger and home-style French fries. Conrad could hardly contain his enthusiasm when lunch was delivered to the patio. He’d sit for a French fry but then he’d get so excited he’d do a cute little bunny hop. He was happy to give Jeff a paw when he said shake but occasionally he’d get so focused on eating and he’d give Jeff both paws!

After lunch Hamburger Jeff and Conrad spent some time in the real life room at the shelter. Conrad immediately tore through the pile of toys and jumped on the dog bed. Jeff would toss a toy and Conrad would catch it then drop it for Jeff to throw again! Conrad was a total ham and enjoyed all the attention. After a while he got tired and stretched out on the dog bed for a nap. Before going back to his kennel he was covered in kisses courtesy of IHS employee Cera. I’d say hot pink lipstick looks good on this boy!

For more information on Conrad click here

Video of Conrad being his sweet silly self!

Video of Conrad playing fetch in the Real Life Room

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