Local CD: In Our Town — Songs for Boise 150, various artists

artworks-000052020022-n5s67x-t200x200With recent success stories including the annual Treefort Music Fest, Boise’s music scene is feeling pretty good about itself as the city celebrates its 150th anniversary. And this compilation, created as a sonic time capsule in 2013, does a pretty good job of capturing the scene’s diversity, energy and spirit.

All these songs are inspired by Boise, which might seem like a path to Boringville by the 19th track. Surprisingly, it’s not. Although a few songwriters take the direct approach — “Boise” is in the title of four songs — most use the city of trees as a small fuse to light larger creative fireworks.

Young newcomer band Calico all but steals the show with a yearning, innocent track, “In Our Town”; if you enjoy The Head and the Heart, you NEED to hear this one.

Veteran powerhouse vocalists John Nemeth (now a Memphis resident) and Curtis Stigers each deliver strong performances. Plucking slide guitar, Ned Evett appears out of left field with a quirky, oddly catchy military history lesson: “The Greatest Generation Saved the World for Little Baby Eileen.”

Indie-rockers Finn Riggins keep Boise weird with “Wake (Keep This Town Alive).” And versatile musician Thomas Paul’s “Martha Street” is cool, mysterious and a little dark — sort of like Boise on a late fall evening.

  • Pick up the album as a digital download at iTunes or buy a physical CD at retailers including the Boise 150 Sesqui-Shop, 1008 W. Main St. Online: store.boise150.org

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