Little snow fell in high country, so far

feederEven though there’s a couple of inches of new snow on my driveway in Boise, not too much new snow fell in the high country overnight. I was disappointed, but more is expected. I’m on a heightened snow watch.

Most snow it expected throughout the week with accumulations of up to 5 inches tonight and one to two inches every night through the weekend.

I checked with the federal SNOTEL sites and Mores Creek Summit got about an inch of new snwo, and now has 29 inches total. Other depths as of the morning of Jan. 8:

Brundage Mountain, 2 inches new; 27 inches base, 37 inches top.

Bogus Basin, 4 inches, 21 inches base, 31 inches top.

Tamarack, 2 inches, 8 inches bottom, 40 inches top.

Sun Valley Resort, 1/2 inch new, 15 inches bottom, 19 inches top.

Banner Summit between Lowman and Stanley had no new and a 28-inch base.

Big Creek Summit between Cascade and Warm Lake had no new and 28 inches total.

Photo of snow accumulation on Zimo’s backyard bird feeder.


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