100.7 ‘The Bull’ makes four FM country stations. Let’s shoot for eight or nine.

tNCrhmSjAnother station spinning Toby Keith? I know what you’re thinking, rock fan: What a bunch of bull.

Well, yeah, precisely. After recent morning-show tweaks at 97.9 KQFC-FM (aka “Nash FM”) and Kissin’ 92.3 KIZN-FM, country radio got a whole ‘nother boot-scootin’ format Friday. That’s when 100.7 KQBL-FM debuted “The Bull.” (Listen online here.)

Also counting Wow 104.3 FM, which dominated the country segment in the fall Arbitrons, we now have four FM country stations in the Boise area. Come on, let’s aim for the stars. A double-digit number of stations seems doable, doesn’t it? (And to be an equal-opportunity smart aleck, let me suggest that we could use another half dozen stations playing classic rock, too.)

Operated by Impact Radio Group — and previously a regional Mexican format — 100.7 The Bull will focus on music from the 1980s to 2000s. The playlist will include Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Alabama, Brad Paisley, Faith  Hill, Alan Jackson and, yes, the distinguished, aforementioned Mr. Keith. (Shucks, I don’t want to get 86′ed from I Love This Bar & Grill before it even opens in Meridian.)

With a press release that never directly mentioned competitors such as 97.9 Nash FM, Impact played up the “we are local” angle: “With the other operators in Boise running country music programming from outside the market like Nashville and Cincinnati, Ohio, we felt the opportunity was ripe to launch ‘The Bull’ as a locally programmed country station,” explained CEO and Boise market manager Darrell Calton.

In other news, 99.1 FM — formerly owned by Impact — is now history in the Valley. The station was sold and now serves the Twin Falls area.

Update: Just to be clear, 100.7 The Bull is not to be confused with now-defunct Ontario, Ore., country format 96.1 The Bull (now Bob FM), which eventually migrated to KSRV 1380 The Bull. (Oh, hell, what am I saying: It’s all confusing.)



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