Liberal protest set for Speaker Boehner’s Boise appearance

United Action for Idaho Executive Director Adrienne Evans is calling on opponents of the most powerful Republican in the country to rally Monday against what she calls the “Extreme & Immoral Agenda that is DIVIDING OUR COUNTRY!”

Evans says House Speaker John Boehner’s policy “takes food out of the mouths” of the elderly and children while giving “tax breaks to the ultra rich and corporations.”

Evans is using Facebook to organize a protest for 11:30 a.m. Monday during House Speaker John Boehner’s visit to Idaho on behalf of 2nd District GOP Congressman Mike Simpson, who is facing tea party challenger Bryan Smith in the 2014 primary.

A close friend of Boehner, Simpson plans to raise more than he ever has to win a ninth term, in part because Smith has been endorsed by Club for Growth, which spent $1.1 million to help elect former Congressman Bill Sali in the 1st District in 2006.

Boehner is headlining two events at the Boise Centre in Downtown Boise. The first is an 11 a.m. meet-and-greet for high-rollers who have contributed the maximum of $2,600 to Simpson’s primary campaign. At noon, Boehner will join Simpson and Gov. Butch Otter at a $50 luncheon.

For those unable to access Evans’ Facebook page, here is her call to protest, in full:

STOP the Extreme & Immoral Agenda that is DIVIDING OUR COUNTRY!

That takes food out of the mouths of Seniors (Meals on Wheels)and Children (food stamps)to Continue to give more tax breaks to the ultra rich and corporations. Let’s Join our Friends in Pennsylvania and New York, and Tell him Idaho wants him to Stop The Job Killing Budget Cuts – Make the Rich and Corporations pay their Fair Share! Congress is out of touch with our families: Just this summer alone Congress has Failed America’s Families:

· Failure to take on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

· Failure to reauthorize Food Stamps

· Failure to reauthorize Student Loan Rates

· Failure to do anything to stop the Sequester


· Failure to Stop Incentives to Ship Jobs oversees

· Failure to make the rich & Corporation pay their fair share

· Failure to support Health Care for all Americans

· Failure to protect Social Security and Medicare

· Failing to closing corporate tax loopholes that keep our money and jobs here

· Failure to cut wasteful military spending while America’s bridges are collapsing


Dan Popkey came to Idaho in 1984 to work as a police reporter. Since 1987, he has covered politics and has reported on 25 sessions of the Legislature. Dan has a bachelor's in political science from Santa Clara University and a master's in journalism from Columbia University. He was a Congressional Fellow of the American Political Science Association and a Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan. A former page in the U.S. House of Representatives, he graduated Capitol Page High School in 1976. In 2007, he led the Statesman’s coverage of the Sen. Larry Craig sex scandal, which was one of three Pulitzer Prize finalists in breaking news. In 2003, he won the Ted M. Natt First Amendment award from the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association for coverage of University Place, the University of Idaho’s troubled real estate development in Boise. Dan helped start the community reading project "Big Read." He has two children in college and lives on the Boise Bench with an old gray cat.

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