Lauren Weedman’s show is funny, frenetic

If you’re going to Lauren Weedman’s “Boise, You Don’t Look a Day Over 149″ at Boise Contemporary Theater, strap in and hang on for the ride. It’s Weedman’s exploration of the premise of  “Could Boise be my new home?” A new mom, heading into midlife, she’s desperate to leave Los Angeles and find a better place for her and her husband to raise their son.

Let’s be clear, this is not a play. There is no narrative or multiple character story lines to follow. What it is, is an amazing exercise in mental agility with Weedman’s thoughts going wild in gymnastic-like stream-of-consciousness digressions and ramblings — some of which are hysterically funny and that surprisingly end up with a point — Boise is a nice, if homogeneous, place to live.

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I’d recount some of the stories here, but I’m not sure what will stay. It’s evolving from performance to performance. (There are three left.) It’s not perfect. A few tales fall flat and some trains go nowhere. She quickly picked up another thread and ran with it. Suffice it to say that some will make you cringe, others laugh until you cry.

Weedman has a great ability to connect with an audience, inviting you into her pumped up party. As her stories unfold you have the inclination to chime in with your own similar experience.

Let’s be honest. It is admittedly indulgent, with Weedman obviously trying to figure out her own life on stage — which she’s done at BCT before with two very successful, more scripted shows. But what makes this work is her willingness to thrown herself under the metaphorical train, and her sincerity about doing so. She’s painfully honest about her flaws, foibles and fears. That makes her endearing sympathetic and remarkably brave.

Boise, You Don’t Look a Day over 149,” by Lauren Weedman. 8 p.m. Sept. 21 and 2 and 8 p.m. Sept. 28. $25.

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