Labrador on gun control: It’s not going to happen

I was reading friend and colleague Dan Popkey’s outtakes from the Congressman Raul Labrador’s recent town hall meeting. I spotted this buried at the bottom that will obviously interest shooters. I’ve never seen gun owners and buyers more nervous than they are now, and there’s been a prolonged period of panic buying of guns, particularly AR-15s and ammunition. I thought Labrador’s take was interesting because he’s a guy in the trenches who obviously knows how to count votes and understand political realities about gun control bills that are currently in Congress. Here’s from excerpt from Popkey’s blog:

Many in the crowd expressed fear that gun laws will tighten. Labrador urged them not to worry. “There’s a lot of fear in Idaho about what’s going to happen. You need to understand that it is highly unlikely if not impossible for any gun legislation to even get out of the Senate, where the Democrats are in control.

“Six or seven senators live in states Romney won and they’re up for reelection in two years. Can you imagine any of them voting to take away your gun rights? It’s not going to happen.”

Even should the Senate somehow pass something, Labrador said the GOP-controlled House Judiciary Committee would lock down the bill. “I feel just a strongly as you do, but I don’t have the fear that you do because I understand what’s going to happen in Washington.”

Link to Dan’s blog.

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