Labrador discusses emerging libertarian-focused GOP faction

With August comes the increased availability of Idaho’s Congressional Delegation, which is spending a good portion of the month in the state tending to all manner of events with constituents — and campaign matters.

Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, spent time with our Editorial Board on Monday, Aug. 12. I attended his Town Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 14 in Meridian.

Sunday on the cover of the Idaho Statesman’s Insight Section I will recap some Labrador events of the week: video and other information from the Editorial Board; his announcement that he would not run for Governor; and some clips from his Meridian Town Hall.

The focus of the Insight piece is Labrador’s acknowledgement that “conservatives with libertarian tendencies” like him are increasingly gaining clout and influence in the House of Representatives.

Below find a link to a You Tube video that includes Labrador and some House colleagues who comprised a panel of speakers addressing the mostly libertarian group Young Americans for Liberty:

At Labrador’s Town Hall he discussed a changing of the guard ideology that is getting traction among some younger members of the House:

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